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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Michael Balcos on Thursday, February 02, 2006 20:58:00
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    Hi Michael,

    As for non-free door games, I gave LORD 3.55 a spin but I get a
    "user dropped carrier" message when I tried to access it from
    telnet. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? :(

    If it's a DOS version you should have DOS_DEVICE=C:\SIO\VX00.SYS
    in the settings for the DOS session that your door runs in, so that
    you load the (virtual) FOSSIL driver.

    Also, for SIO to know that the port should be shared you should have
    something like: COM1(38400,3E8,4,-) in the SIO configuration.

    That hyphen tells that it is a shared port.

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