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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thursday, April 27, 2006 17:46:40
    (NB: This wasn't written in a condensending tone; just wanted to make it simpler to understand.)

    Hello, All.

    Okay, since some of you aren't clear on what I'm asking:

    1) I share my voice line with my BBS using distinctive ring (that is where there is another phone number assigned to the same line by the phone company, but has a different ring pattern, the modem listens for that ring and will only
    answer on that ring).

    2) Unfortunately, the phones in my house will ring when someone calls the BBS, which is fine at 2 PM, but not at 2 AM.

    3) I also have telnet nodes. I have long periods of time allowed for my upper level callers (up to 300 minutes or more, since a lot of them read mail online,
    play a lot of games, etc).

    4) However, that is not acceptable for the dialup line as I also run a business
    off the same phone line. A physically seperate line for the BBS is not possible at this time. So, I need to keep that line free during the days.

    5) This doesn't involve my BBS software at all. I am running BinkleyTerm/2 to handle my front-end stuff. This is the line from SPAWNBBS.CMD that controls it:

    maxp max -s%1 -b%2 -p%3 -n1 -t60 -e1 -lnode1.log

    Where -t is the time until the next event (and passed to Maximus will log the caller off).

    6) I want to be able to have the program automatically allow longer times (up to their class limit) from 10 PM-4 AM and from 5 AM-7 AM, since that is when the phone is not used (save for ZMH).

    Peter's response has been the best since it's REXX and can actually do what I need. I appreciate all the help I've received (and it's given me lots of ideas!).


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