• DOORWARE Echo Rules

    From Moderators@1:18/200 to All on Monday, May 01, 2006 04:15:00
    Fidonet DOORWARE Echo Rules
    Updated 16 April 2006

    Moderator: Alan Ianson (1:153/727 - webmaster@trmb.ca)
    Co-Moderator: Sean Dennis (1:18/200 - sean@outpostbbs.net)

    DOORWARE is for the discussion and support for door game developers.
    This echo is of a more technical nature than DOORGAMES but is open
    to anyone who is developing or is interested in developing BBS
    doors of any type for any BBS software.

    # Announcements for new doors by door authors are acceptable in this
    echo. However, ads for doors are NOT allowed in here.

    # Short snippets of code are allowed here, but please make your posts
    shorter than 16K in size, due to the wide variety of software used
    in Fidonet and the possibility of "breaking" someone's mail tosser.

    # English is the primary language of this echo. If you speak another
    language, you may post in that language as long as there is an English
    translation in the same message.

    # Absolutely no ads of any kind are to be posted in here.

    # Please keep your "colorful metaphors" (swearing) to a minimum.

    # Agree to disagree-if you and another person want to have it out, please
    do so in netmail and not in public.

    # Any decision of the moderators is final.

    # The only Fidonet policy recognized by the moderators in this echo is
    Fidonet Policy 4.07. Any other local or regional policies (such as
    EP1) are not recognized.

    # This echo may NOT be gated to any other form of distribution without
    the moderator's express written permission. This is an echo in Fidonet
    and not meant for any other type of distribution.

    # These rules may be changed at any time at the moderators' discretion.

    # If you have any questions, please contact the moderators via netmail.

    Thank you for your participation in DOORWARE!

    --Alan Ianson and Sean Dennis
    DOORWARE Moderator and Co-Moderator

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