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    From Jeff Smith@1:14/5 to All on Saturday, November 03, 2007 16:31:42
    Fidonet OS2BBS Echo Rules

    Moderator: Jeff Smith (1:282/1031) - jeffs@region14.us

    This echo is for the discussion, support and general chat concerning
    the operation of an OS/2 native BBS. If you run a DOS-based BBS under
    OS/2, please see our sister echo, OS2DOSBBS. All topics that are
    directly related to running an OS/2 native BBS are welcomed here.
    This echo supports OS/2 and eComStation based BBSes.

    Echo rules:

    # If you are a BBS or door author, you may make a "new product
    announcement" once in this echo for each new product. Please
    don't abuse this privilige.

    # "OS/2 versus eComStation" flames are NOT TOLERATED!

    # The main language of this echo is English. You may write a message
    in your native language, but you must also include an English
    translation in the same message.

    # Please no: ads, profanity, flaming or anything else that could be
    construed as "excessively annoying".

    # If you do have a difference of opinion, please take it to netmail
    or email. Flaming is not tolerated.

    # The only official policy recognized in this echo is Fidonet Policy
    4.07. Any other regional echomail policies (such as EP1) are not
    recognized in this echo.

    # The moderator reserves the right to change this document as he feels
    is needed. If you have a problem with the moderator, please take it
    to netmail or email

    Thanks for your participation in OS2BBS!

    -- Jeff Smith - OS2BBS Moderator

    --- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20070503
    * Origin: Twin_Cities_Metronet - region14.us (1:14/5)