• CDC Files and Bulletins

    From Luis Silva@2:362/6 to All on Wednesday, June 06, 2012 21:54:00
    Hello PCBoard fans,

    after a lot of hours of restoring old tapes, finaly we restore all
    1995/96 CDC SaltAir BBS files and bulletins.

    All the stuff are avaliabe in our conference 1 to all sysops and fans
    who need some help and new tools to optimize or re/install PCBoard BBS.

    We still restoring a lot of our stuff to make our bbs the main system
    for support PCBoard worldwide, so stay tunned for the next weeks.
    We also are releasing new software for PCBoard (MSmac BBS Software) with
    a lot of surprizes for PCBoard integration with the classic internet.

    Everyone are welcome,


    MSmac BBS Team
    telnet: msmacbbs.com

    --- PCBoard (R) v15.4/M 250 Beta
    * Origin: MSmacBBS(R) telnet: msmacbbs.com (2:362/6)