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    From Dumas Walker@1:2320/105 to CHAD ADAMS on Sunday, October 04, 2020 10:45:00
    I am monitoring but am not much of a pascal programmer. I took a class in college, and probably still have a copy of TP4 or 5 floating around here somewhere.


    I love FreePascal. It has a lot of features.

    Python is also good, but I wanted a compiled language for my projects. Python is great if you want scripting .

    In the end, choose what you know and what fits you.

    On 03:17 20/06 , Charles Stephenson wrote:
    Re: Anyone monitoring in here?
    By: Rick Smith to Charles Stephenson on Wed Jun 10 2020 08:25 pm

    That was my idea, but I've heard some compelling messages that I
    should start off with other programming languages, one being 'Go'. CS>> I've heard of it, I'm going to do some research on it

    This is something that I would like to start doing as well.. I would lov
    to know at least some basic programming and understanding..

    Soon as I can get some personal issues taken care of so I can get my head into
    it. I've seen some interesting online courses that looked promising
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