• Runtime-errore200

    From Sasha Sherbakov@2:5020/1956.15 to All on Monday, February 19, 2001 06:33:48
    Hi all!

    Please help me with subj problem.


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  • From mark lewis@1:3634/12 to Sasha Sherbakov on Monday, March 19, 2001 14:39:16
    Please help me with subj problem.

    how and where are you seeing it?

    BTW: it's "runtime error" <smile>


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  • From Bryan Turner@1:124/7013 to Sasha Sherbakov on Tuesday, March 20, 2001 13:32:00
    Hello Sasha!

    Monday February 19 2001 14:33, Sasha Sherbakov wrote to All:

    Please help me with subj problem.

    RTE 200 is caused by the CPU being too fast for the CRT Unit, There are 3 fixes
    that I know of.

    1) MOSLO It is a Utility that will slow down your system to run the Program. (http://www.3drealms.com/downloads)

    2) TPPATCH this will patch the Exe and make it not error out. (http://www.multiboard.com)

    3) Replace the CRT with one that does not do this. (No Web Addy but it is out there)

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  • From Jasen Betts@3:640/531.42 to Sasha Sherbakov on Tuesday, March 20, 2001 11:24:11
    Hi Sasha.

    19-Feb-01 14:33:48, Sasha Sherbakov wrote to All

    Hi all!

    Please help me with subj problem.

    if you have the source to your faulty program there is a new CRT unit on borlands web site somewhere, use it.

    otherwise here's a prorgam that can fix it.

    just cut it out and save it as a new .com file like 200FIX.COM
    make sure there are no blanks at the ends of the lines.
    (trust me), assembler source is avaiable.

    XPPPYZIQD[L-f6-g41GDSCu*SXK,I,IP^P_FX,O,O(GS(GU(GZ(Gnu+J.BETTS98 CFFFRX,`,`2$F=@!t|rQ0%IuL0%(%(%GERYAARX2%(%t8++j=B|:|>@J|(|-([{@ *[{)B}(:/jB&B/&J){<>@J|(}-([{@]-B@*@*|<>--|J^*|J:]}J}<{~""B]}(={ B\<(:]??|:{}{>:]B"([*-!4vxoMR&]Rfj=O7_t%%wxn%eel03+83eX,p4|%(xlR p$P$G%,(\]?##n2EJd)6JRn>MhUzv|:Azl9`tj%r/]m%m(]Rgv#+a#$3s9RAvl1z D#$85z_'-@C%,+JL0cd+=>mxCHMLr%nP,nm2tSHc]#NM21*[<|99P0Q%UQ%LD,0% W%&.?0Q%UPsLD+T%\t%?P9QpOcq1**1%f]R+l#[{4?xET(Eqh[it%|?z7O=)BhUz 6|s*J##%&U]%'.Bf;1(Q}eg%nU*O7(\Wtep_3E{Gx9[#G:hq,<IegiB&3;S:BWt5 #Q5:[KPVtC2+lJPMY>Z|w5vRn|w|8([jvPDHLF&/G,U#C#G##%m%z"RTE200-FIX

    just do

    C:\wherever\200FIX c:\wherever\BADPROG.EXE

    And it'll patch the errors, it's probably wise to back up the exe files

    like most other RTE200 fix programs some of the effeced programs may lose
    their speed control and run too fast, the simplest cure for that is
    than slowing your CPU down.

    Regards, Bennie

    Bye <=-
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