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    From Ruben Figueroa@1:124/5014 to All on Friday, December 16, 2022 19:20:22
    Ok I installed Qfront and Netserial and configured PCB connect to port 2 which is where Netserial is setup for com2. I can log on from Qfront as a user or sysop and can at least get by the logon screen.

    When I try to connect via telnet it connects and I see the screen :
    PCB Prison BBS
    QFront/PCB v1.20a with serial number

    Press [ESCape] or [Tab] twice for the BBS:

    Then almost immediately get the:

    Thank you for calling!
    Please wait while the BBS is loaded....

    Then swiftly I get

    Connection to host lost.

    So is there a switch or something to give me time to press the ESCape key or key?

    Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

    Ruben Figueroa aka Zazz
    Mystic Prison Board Sysop
    Web: www.rdfig.net

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A48 2022/07/15 (Windows/32)
    * Origin: Mystic Prison*Mesquite Tx*pbmystic.rdfig.net:24 (1:124/5014)