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    ========================================================================== Area: PDNUNIX *nix programming Origin: 1:2320/38 ==========================================================================
    File: xclib033.zip (185kB)
    Desc: XCLIB (eXtended C library) is a library of miscellaneous C functions
    to do string manipulations, error handling, trace execution of
    programs, mathematics computations, I/O and time out operations, and
    much more.


    ========================================================================== Area: PDNNEWS, Origin: 1:2320/38 ==========================================================================
    File: cuj0107.zip (124kB)
    Desc: C/C++ Users Journal, The code listings for the July 2001 issue of
    C/C++ Users Journal include source code for John Panzer's article, "A
    Toolbox of String Classes;" Leor Zolman's article, "An STL Error
    Message Decryptor for Visual C++;" and Kyle York's article, "A Random
    Access Compressed File Layer." Also included are listings from Matt
    Austern's column, "The Standard Librarian;" Jack Reeve's web column,
    "The (B)Leading Edge," and Jim Hyslop and Herb Sutter's web column,


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