• OpenDoors C/C++ DevKit v6.20 - Adds Door32.sys/Telnet support

    From Rob Swindell to All on Friday, October 19, 2001 10:22:09

    * OpenDoors v6.2 *

    October 19, 2001

    Door32.sys and Socket update to Brian Pirie's OpenDoors Library (http://www.attcanada.net/~pirie/opendoors.html)

    by Rob Swindell (http://www.synchro.net/)


    This archive includes the source code to the OpenDoors library with modifications made by me (Rob Swindell, aka Digital Man) to add support for the Door32.sys drop file format and Win32 TCP/IP socket (Telnet) communications.

    I made my modifications to the 6.1.1 release by Brian Pirie (ods611.zip) and used Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0. I also eliminated any warnings or errors detected by this compiler. The linker still warns of duplicate symbol definition (od_control and od_printf), but I left those duplicate defintions
    in the .def file since they may have been necessary for another platform or compiler that I'm not using.

    This version also includes the ODEmu.c:od_send_file_section() modification
    by Michael Dillon (gsvalore@arn.net | http://members.darktech.org/gsvalore/).

    The Door32.sys drop file format was created in June of 2000 to support the
    new wave of 32-bit Windows and *nix doors. The main feature of this
    drop file format is that it includes the currently open Win32 comm handle or socket descriptor (whichever is appropriate for the current connection).

    I didn't add support for the Win32 comm handle in the door32.sys file
    (I run a telnet-only BBS and would have no way to test it). I can't
    imagine it would be very difficult to add; I'm just not sure how much demand there would be for such a feature today.

    I did however add support for the socket descriptor in the drop file (used for TCP/IP - Telnet connections) and this is currently the only "standard" drop file format that is expected to include a socket descriptor (Synchronet's XTRN.DAT drop file also includes a socket descriptor, but I don't really consider that format to be a "standard").

    The Door32.sys drop file is currently supported by the following known BBS packages:

    Software Home Page Version
    Mystic BBS www.mysticbbs.com 1.07
    EleBBS www.elebbs.com 0.08?
    Synchronet www.synchro.net 3.0

    When using a Door32.sys drop file, the communications type (Local, Serial, or Telnet) is automatically determined and I added support for (and tested) the Telnet/socket communication method using Synchronet BBS Software v3.10 for Win32 and HyperTerminal Private Edition v6.1.

    It is feasible that other drop file formats may be used and the socket descriptor passed on the command line, but I didn't add support for that. Currently, the Door32.sys file is the only way to pass the open socket descriptor to the OpenDoors library.

    Since the Telnet protocol specifies that an end-of-line sequence (ENTER or Carriage Return) is a CRLF (ASCII 13, 10), I had to modify od_get_key() to ignore any line feed (ASCII 10, Ctrl-J) characters. Without this modification, hitting enter in most Telnet clients would cause a "double return" to be sent to the door. There may be a more desirable solution to the problem, but this one seems to work for now.

    /* End of ODOORS62.TXT */