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    From Maurice Kinal@1:261/38 to Janis Kracht on Sunday, November 15, 2009 15:03:24
    Hey Janis!

    haha.. yeah.. I don't know when I saw a floppy drive last on a

    I am not sure either. I am guesstimating the last time I actually used one was
    ~98-ish when I first started playing around with linux distributions - mostly slackware - OS/2 Warp 3 (I think) as well as FreeBSD version something-or-other
    on ye ol' 486. Due to addressing issues with a 2G HD and the bios on there linux won since I had to lie to the bios about geometery which caused grief for
    OS/2. Only the linux and freebsd (<- I recall it working but am not 100% sure)
    kernels would pick up on that and set the geometry straight once getting by the
    bios in the boot process.

    cd/dvd players now of course

    Currently not on either of my systems but everyone and their dog's in this neck
    of the woods. They can keep them. <EG>

    Someday all of our old hardware will become valuable "Vintage
    Items" (tm)

    More of a curiousity methinks.

    eating bon-bons all day like I do Lol

    Why do I doubt that?

    When I ever tested it, the bluewave extension worked

    Okay. Myself I tried an upload from the telnet menu and that froze up the telnet client at this end but I managed to see that your end was expecting a "testgrab.hra" whatever that really is. I haven't tried anything since. Before that I tried uploading via ftp of a "testgrab.rep" and could only successfully write to /tmp in the chroot jail, aka BBBS. Not seeing a test message on the BBS I assume it was not formatted properly which isn't surprising.

    While I was telnetted there I did notice the online ftp client could successfully hook up with one of the ftpd servers here. I found that amusing since I can already do that from here without logging into a server across the continent. :-)

    Most people use Offline reader programs like Multi-Mail, etc.
    to read, reply and create packets


    you could look at the source code for Multi-mail if you want
    to roll your own

    I have to since it needs to be patched to bring up to date glibc-wise as well as to make a pure 64 bit capable app. All my libs are pure 64 bit at the moment. Also only have g++ available on a few chrootable partitions and my current default boot/root is C only. I am writing some install/backup/restore utilities for myself and wanted to make sure they will work without and unwanted leakage from anything other than C. However it could be done if it needed to be done. My neighbour Paul who has a user account on your BBS liked multimail when he saw it here last.

    Speaking for myself I prefer the text based idea and am willing to hold out until that is doable. That way I don't have to deal with anything other than 8
    bit characters which is compatible with EVERYTHING, including DOS. The rest of
    the formats are corrupt imho. Pure, unadultered evil that must die a most horrific death if you prefer. Same can be said for zmodem. :::shudder:::

    if you're concerned about "where", you can post and test, etc.
    in the PDNECHO

    Sounds like a plan.

    I'll get on it as soon as I finish what I started today. I'll need that to compile multimail anyhow so that part of compatibilty could work. The ftp upload part I'll try once everything is in place.

    Life is good,

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