• if i lived here i'd be home by now

    From Maurice Kinal@1:261/38 to Janis Kracht on Friday, January 01, 2010 14:16:52
    Hey Janis!

    Well, he hangs around some and reads a bit.. so he knows all
    of you <grin>

    He has the advantage then. All I know is what you've told me so far and saw that picture you used to have online of youse.

    By now it is "there" :) :)

    Yeppers! All over but the crying.

    That uploading thingy on the webpage looks interesting. What's the plan? For my part it would be nice to get rid of the cut n' paste dealie I've been doing.
    Also it might cut down on bandwidth since I wouldn't have to do that 'join' thingy which transfers over 500k of info every stinkin' time I need to post a new message. Tsk, tsk. Shame on me eh? Might be a way of just telling it which echo to join but I haven't figured that out yet. Been distracted with other things as of late. Might even get ye ol' 486 going again to take care of
    older equipment as someone just dropped off three working P1 based laptops that
    *need* linuxing up and the 486 is more capable developmentally speaking believe
    it or not. It has the good stuff hardware-wise and can do things older laptops weren't ever aware were possible.

    Silly DOS-think people eh? ;-)

    Life is good,

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