• RPG-style ANSI tile map

    From Kirkman@GUARDIAN to All on Saturday, May 07, 2022 11:59:56
    For anyone who's interested, I've made some good progress on my long-gestating RPG tile map project.

    When I started it years ago, my initial idea was to adapt 16x16 tiles to ANSI, and implement the map in 132x60 mode (since it's higher resolution and the characters are square rather than rectangular). I made a working version of this years ago and some of you probably saw it.

    But it didn't go much further for a long time. Since my daughter died in 2020, I have decided to revisit the experiments we started to see if I can pull them together into a game or something finished.

    I have started by redoing the tile map. I am now using 8x4 ANSI tiles in normal 80x24 terminal mode. And this past week I successfully implemented fine map scrolling and an animated sprite walk, both of which are synced to each other. It looks really good!

    If you'd like to check it out, hop on to guardian.synchro.net and go to:

    Externals > Jewel Mountain experiments > Jewel 5 - 80x24 map


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