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    From Tracker1@TRN to DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Discussion on Tuesday, September 06, 2022 08:18:28
    Published updated latest,nightly,3.19 images (didn't do 3.19b
    tags, due to intel-only builds that were happening before).


    * Using Deno for /sbbs/scripts instead of Node.js
    * linux/amd64 (x86_64) only, ARM builds problematic, will
    address later
    * Now based on Debian Bullseye
    * sbbs and scfg will run init first from scripts, higher in path
    than /sbbs/exec
    * Now only need to mount single sbbs directory to /sbbs-data
    ex: docker exec -v `$HOME/sbbs:/sbbs-data` bbsio/synchronet scfg

    Still have to get the workflows updated. I have most of the detection
    for releases done... but wanted/needed to finish the node->deno
    transition first.

    Note: Deno will store cache/executables in sbbs' data/.deno/
    for those wanting node, it's easy enough to base an image off of this
    one for additional libraries/utilities (dosemu/qemu).

    Will also see about setting things up, so that if there is a process
    dump it winds up under the sbbs-data/backup/dump/ directory
    Michael J. Ryan - tracker1@roughneckbbs.com
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