• dialup issues

    From Charles Blackburn@FBOBBS to All on Saturday, October 08, 2022 14:13:58
    Hi ALL

    im struggling getting some SIP dialups going. sometimes they work, but most often they dont.

    for example....

    I have two USR 56k Sportsters on a grandstream SIP thingy,

    one minute i'll connect fine and then the next time i get something like the following:

    CONNECT 24000/V34/NONE
    ▄]ΩC ∞s


    other times it will work and i get to the login prompt and it will just "hang"

    i've even just tried tying minicom to mini com as far as software goes, and it's the same.

    i'm sure it has something to do with either the init strings or (most likely) the grandstream.

    i'm just at a loss. I havent figured out a way to force a specific DTE speed (57k6 or 115k2) and also a way to force it not to do compression or error correction. Ideally i want to be able to have a max connect at 57600 and no v92, v44 et al

    anyone got any thoughts (other than pay for a bunch of real pots lines) LOL


    Charles Blackburn

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