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    [Core File] Mention sysctl.local.conf and 'sysctl --system' to reload
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    On 12/29/22 19:48, Digital Man wrote:
    Synchronet v3.20 has been under development for several months now on
    the git 'v320a_dev' branch and been running on Vertrauen and a few
    brave test BBSes for a few months without major issue.

    The time has come to merge this branch to the 'master' branch at gitlab.synchro.net, which many *nix sysops treat as "main-line" or a
    release branch (though it's not).

    If you upgrade to v3.20a (the current master development code) either
    via source build or by downloading pre-built binaries, you'll need to
    run 'jsexec update' to upgrade your user base and configuration files
    to their new formats.
    See docs/newuserbase.txt and docs/newcfgfiles.txt for more details.

    This does not constitute an official release of v3.20, that'll come
    later, but just head's up that there's major changes in the 'master'
    branc now and likely more to come soon.

    Sweet... will have to test/upgrade my docker image(s) this weekend.
    Manually push a 3.19c release as "latest" and letting the master
    continue as "nightly". Hopefully there isn't much adjustment(s) needed.
    Michael J. Ryan - tracker1@roughneckbbs.com
    ■ Synchronet ■ Roughneck BBS - roughneckbbs.com
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    Use pidof instead pgrep