• Synchronet v3.18b release

    From Digital Man to All on Sunday, September 20, 2020 21:35:05
    Synchronet v3.18, under development since the release of v3.17 in January of 2019, has been officially released and dubbed v3.18b (no, the 'b' is not for beta).

    For an installation/new feature demo, see https://youtu.be/dIS4k-rulSI

    The full list of new features is here: https://gitlab.synchro.net/sbbs/sbbs/-/blob/master/docs/v318_new.txt

    The fresh installer for Windows is at ftp://ftp.synchro.net/sbbs318b.zip
    The upgrade package (e.g. from v3.16c) is at ftp://ftp.synchro.net/sbup318b.zip I wanted to take a minute to dedicate this release to the life of a young BBSer and aspiring programmer, Jadzia Marie Renaud. Just 14 years old when she passed in June of this year, she was an avid player of TradeWars 2002 and modeled for the female Synchronet avatars created and shared on DOVE-Net by her father, Josh, Kirkman of Blocktronics and breakintochat.com.

    As a father of 3 daughters myself, it hurts to imagine the deep loss that Jadzia's family must feel. Although she had Marfan Syndrome, there was no indication that she would not live a long life and her death was a shock. And though I did not know her personally, I know that I am ... we are like her and share her passion for this medium and the connections we make here. The future of BBSing will be darker without her presence.

    Jadzia, this one's for you - and includes several classic door games ready for easy install and play, in your honor! https://www.joshrenaud.com/family/archives/2020/06/jadzias-obituary.html
    Thanks to those who contributed content and testing... echicken, Deuce, mcmlxxix, Nelgin, Mark Lewis, Cyan, art, altere, WitNik, and those that I'm forgetting but submitted valuable bug and test reports, or just comedy relief!
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