• Synchronet v3.16c for Windows released

    From Digital Man to All on Saturday, August 15, 2015 04:31:19
    Fresh installation package:

    Upgrade from v3.15 or v3.16 (development builds): ftp://vert.synchro.net/Synchronet/sbup316c.zip

    I'm in the process of updating the wiki, sourceforge, etc.

    I have no plans to create a comprehensive "what's new" list as it'd just be too long and take too long to write. Here's a good place to read about recent changes: http://cvs.synchro.net/commitlog.ssjs

    I know it's been a long time since the last official release (v3.15 in 2011) and much longer since the last full installation package (v3.13 in 2005), but this marks stable point in the Synchronet development and allows us to start implementing more agressive changes in CVS. New sysops will appreciate this the most as installing/upgrading from v3.13a was painful and left a lot of (16-bit DOS) cruft in place.

    I'll have source code and Linux-x64 archives (of v3.16c) updated tomorrow. There's a label in CVS (sbbs316c) already.

    Thanks for your interest and patience. Donations are welcome via paypal to rob@synchro.net. :-)

    digital man

    Synchronet "Real Fact" #10:
    DOVE-Net was originally an exclusive ("elite") WWIVnet network in O.C., Calif. Norco, CA WX: 77.8°F, 32.0% humidity, 3 mph WSW wind, 0.00 inches rain/24hrs