• SBBSecho issues

    From Digital Man to All on Saturday, November 11, 2017 15:54:26
    If you're a Synchronet sysop on a FidoNet-Technolog-Network, please read this:

    1. There has been a very-long-standing bug with regards to routing NetMail through every known version/revision of SBBSecho: When SBBSecho would packetize outbound netmail (this includes inbound netmail for a foreign address which was then being routed), it would use the origination address of the NetMail messages as the origination address of the created outbound packet. This would work fine for all scenarios *except* routing NetMail, i.e. forwarding netmail messages on that were received on your system but were not addressed to your system. So, if there's any possibility of NetMail being routed through your system (e.g. you have both uplinks and downlinks), then *please* update to the current v3.0x build (this issue was fixed on Nov-9 in v3.02, r3.57).

    2. There was a recently introduced bug (on Oct-29 in v3.01, r3.47): If SBBSecho was run in a mode to both toss (import) and scan (export) in the same invocation, it could and likely would cross-link the message base of the last imported EchoMail message with the message bases being scanned for outbund EchoMail. This was the cause of recent old cross-posted messages on FidoNet and was fixed on Nov-7 in v3.01, r3.52. In the unlikely event that you running v3.01 r3.47-r3.51, please update to a newer or older version ASAP.

    3. If you are using SMBUTIL to auto-post messages (e.g. advertisements, echo rules, file announcements) on FidoNet-style networks, please be aware that SMBUTIL does not generate message-IDs and this can be a problem for detecting/debugging cross-posted messages, dupes, etc. Please consider using the new exec/postmsg.js script (invoked using JSexec) as a suitable drop-in replacement for the "SMBUTIL i" command: http://cvs.synchro.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/exec/postmsg.js

    Thank you for your attention. :-)

    digital man

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