• New synchro.net dyndns features

    From Digital Man to All on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 14:10:15
    If you're using the synchro.net dynamic DNS feature for a yourbbs.synchro.net hostname, you can now also get a TXT (text) and LOC (location) record and an AAAA (IPv6 address) record, if you need/want one.

    The TXT record can be useful for mail server verification (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework)
    ... and combined with the new "wildcard" feature (*.yourbbs.synchro.net), could be used for LetsEncrypt DNS-based domain verification.

    The LOC record can be used to report the coordinates of your BBS: http://dnsloc.net/

    For more details, see http://wiki.synchro.net/module:dyndns

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