• Audio conference meetups

    From Digital Man to All on Saturday, May 02, 2020 12:16:30
    With everyone stuck at home lately, we've had more time for our hobbies (e.g. BBSing, software development) and socializing over the inter-webs.

    Lately, the Synchronet devs have been meeting-up pretty regular for audio conferencing using a service call "Mumble" and even now have a Calendar, though don't take the times too literal:

    1. Install Mumble client on PC or mobile device: https://www.mumble.info/downloads/

    2. Get your headphones and microphone tested/working

    3. Connect to the Mumble Server at mumble.synchro.net

    We've been discussing BBS terminal development (mainly, SyncTERM), BBS software, door games, HAM radio, retro-computing, aviation, D&D, and more. You're welcome to join us,

    digital man

    Synchronet/BBS Terminology Definition #20:
    DOCSIS = Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
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