• [VOICENWS] Drivers: New USB host controller drivers: usbhcd179.zip

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    From: lars.erdmannDESPAM@DESPAMarcor.de

    I have updated the USB host controller drivers USBUHCD.SYS,USBOHCD.SYS,USBEHCD.SYS
    I have now placed these on hobbes.
    They will eventually make it into directory:

    I worked heavily on suspend/resume for all: UHCI/OHCI/EHCI.

    For UHCI I found some very nasty bugs where I was reading from some bogus register address (an oversight from my part). That could have about any strange
    effect. For all those that have hard hangs (one person reported 4 UHCI controllers would work fine but the 5th would completely hang his system) just try out this version and see if it helps. Same holds true for EHCI where I forgot to properly initialize the retry loop counter on some register polling loops. Again, that could have any strange effect.

    The included USBD.SYS is experimental. Give it a try anyway, in particular if you want suspend/resume to work smoothly. As always, back up the original IBM driver in case something goes wrong. Report results.

    You CAN use the HC drivers with the USBD.SYS IBM version but better not mix different versions of the HC drivers.

    Please try the drivers with and without the /FS flag and report results. If the
    /FS flag turns out to be the better choice I might consider making it the default and therefore to render the flag superfluous.

    I would like to thank all those people who have reported bugs, in particular those people who where patient enough to wait for the solution. If I don't get many bug reports in the next couple of weeks, I will consider this version stable enough for eComStation to add to their installation CD-ROM update (together with the updated ACPI.PSD). Therefore the update rate will go down ...



    * http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/incoming/usbhcd179.zip

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