• [VOICENWS] Drivers: New USB host controller drivers: usbhcd182.zip

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    From: lars.erdmannDESPAM@DESPAMarcor.de

    I have updated the USB host controller drivers USBUHCD.SYS,USBOHCD.SYS,USBEHCD.SYS,USBD.SYS
    I have now placed these on hobbes.


    They will eventually make it into directory:

    a.) changes to USBEHCD.SYS to make it work with Intel ICH6 controllers.
    Maybe it also helps with later ICHx controllers.
    b.) changes to USBUHCD.SYS for the same reason
    c.) minor changes to USBOHCD.SYS
    d.) IMPORTANT: changes to USBD.SYS. version 10.162 has a fundamental design flaw that prevents it from handling devices that return configuration data > 1024 bytes. In practice, many USB 2.0 web cams have > 1024 bytes of configuration data.

    As a first step, I had to change the USBD interface towards client drivers (something like usbprt.sys, usbmouse.sys, usbser.sys etc.) . There might be client drivers around that act as filter drivers and these can be affected.

    It is possible that these will subsequently trap this updated USBD.SYS. If this
    happens, I would be interested to know. I still haven't updated USBD.SYS to support > 1024 bytes of config data
    (this will be the next step) but I have added some code to prevent the traps that used to happen with USBD.SYS 10.162 when you'd attach such web cam device
    with > 1024 bytes of config data. In any case, USBD.SYS is still experimental.

    Important note: make sure that USBEHCD.SYS goes after USBUHCD.SYS/USBOHCD.SYS in config.sys ! I have not yet succeeded in coming up with a solution that would render
    config.sys sequence irrelevant.

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