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    PMView Pro v3.65 is now available. PMView Pro is an image viewer and converter for OS/2 and Windows.

    List of new features and bug fixes:

    Windows: http://www.pmview.com/whatsnew.html
    OS/2: http://www.pmview.com/os2new.html

    IMPORTANT: To obtain the full (registered) version of the update, you will need
    to follow the download instructions included in the e-mail that was sent to you
    when you purchased PMView Pro. If you have lost this information, please contact sales@blueprintsoftwareworks.com

    Trial (demo) versions of PMView can be downloaded at http://www.pmview.com Registered users, please note that the trial versions CANNOT be registered. If you have purchased PMView Pro, please follow the download instructions in the e-mail sent by BMT Micro.

    2/28/2012 -PMView Pro v3.65

    The following features are new in PMView v3.65:

    Saving, TGA: Previous versions of PMView always stored a full 256-entry color map when saving TGA files that are 256 or fewer colors, thus producing up to 768 bytes of unnecessary data in the TGA file. This has been changed and PMView
    will now only write as many color map entries as needed. In addition to this, when saving a grayscale image, PMView will now use TGA type 3 to avoid the need
    for a color map. For compatibility with legacy applications, a new TGA save option "Store full color map" has been added.

    The following bugs and problems are fixed in PMView v3.65:

    Saving, TIFF: Saving a TIFF using CCITT FAX3 or FAX4 compression and setting the Strip size to "Single strip" incorrectly produces a file with two strips.
    Saving, TGA: When using the TGA RLE option, PMView encoded run-length packets across scan lines as is allowed by the TGA file format specification in Appendix C of the Truevision Technical Guide. However, the more recent TGA v2.0
    specification states that this should never be done. This version of PMView has
    been changed to comply with the TGA v2.0 specification and the RLE implementation has been improved overall.
    Saving, IFF: Saving a blank image (an image with just one color) causes PMView
    to hang.
    Saving, IFF: PMView fails to add a padding byte to the BODY chunk when the size is not divisible by two. As a result, PMView will give a premature end-of-file error when reading back the file.
    Saving: The Packbits encoder used in the IFF, MAC, PIC, and TIFF formats has been improved.

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