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    Since my last EDM/2 news update (07 March 2012) there had been some additional changes:

    1) Re-posted Dev articles and material:

    This authors allowed to re-post their OS/2 material on the EDM/2 Wiki under the Creative Commons license Attribution-Share Alike 3.0, which allow derivative work.

    - Mike Greene

    OS/2 Device Drivers for Dummies (May 2007)

    - Stefan ZollnerΓÇÄ;

    How to do port I/O (IN/OUT) from OS/2 (1997)

    Fast (500 kHz) analog-to-digital conversion in OS/2 using the CIO-DAS16/M1 (1997)

    Accessing the CIO-DAC02 Digital-to-Analog converter from Computerboards, Inc. (1997)

    Digital Input/Output in OS/2 (1997)

    32-bit port I/O using the TESTCFG.SYS device driver (1997)

    Object-oriented programming examples for the GPIB (IEEE-488) bus (1997)

    - Rony G. Flatscher

    Extending the Workplace Shell with Object REXX, (presentation) (May 24-26, 2000.)

    2) Republishing Permission

    The following authors allowed his classic EDM/2 articles to be re-posted on the wiki under the Creative Commons license to allow derivative work.

    - Marc van Woerkom

    - Ivan Skytte J├╕rgensen

    - Jason Koeninger

    3) Links

    I also took the opportunity to link to other OS/2 development related material on the web. On this case I found this articles and link to them on the wiki.

    Gabrielle Gagnon - "Exploring IBM's SOM at PC Mag"

    Part 1 (10 Oct 1995)

    Part 2 (7 Nov 1995)

    Part 3 (9 Jan 1996)

    4) Extra updates

    There had been some small additions to:

    - The Config.sys Documentation Project/SET Statements

    - The OS/2 API Project

    I would like to thank all the article authors that allowed this to happen.

    There is more work to do on the Wiki, more information is needed to be included
    in the Tools category and IΓÇÖm looking forward for more OS/2 development articles that can be created, linked or re-posted on EDM/2.

    Any help is welcome, please contact me.

    Visit the EDM/2 wiki at: http://www.edm2.com

    Martin Iturbide

    OS2World.com News Master


    * http://www.edm2.com

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