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    From: bjorn.rietdijkDESPAM@DESPAMguzzi.demon.nl

    As most of you will know, Steven has worked on MR/2 for some time and has ironed out quite a number of buglets, some of which can be quite annoying, like
    the ones that prevent emails to get downloaded (error fetching).

    I would rather like Stevens beta versions to be available without the time restriction. For that to happen Larry Tawa, who has the rights to the code, has
    to give permission. If I can find a current email address for him or can reach him by other means I would like to ask him for that permission, preferably with
    the support of other registered users. So, if you would like the latest beta to
    be available without the time restriction, please email me ( mailto://bjorn.rietdijk@guzzi.demon.nl (Bjorn Rietdijk) ) and I will forward a list of requests to
    Larry, or contact him by phone.

    Cheers, Bjorn.

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