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    Dear bootAble users,

    I have just released bootAble v6.9. As always you can download it from my personal website http://hrbaan.home.xs4all.nl/bootAble/>.

    v6.9 (24/09/2012)

    * Added support for the VirtualBox additions when running bootAble in
    a VirtualBox VM (thank you Lothar Soens for contributing this addition);
    * Ability to choose whether or not |VBoxService.exe| should be run at
    startup (|VBOXSTARTDMN|, Lothar Soens for contibuting this);
    Note: Running |VBoxService.exe| can cause a hang at shutdown.
    * Fixed a minor problem with the JFS autocheck (Doug Bissett);
    * Added additional |gcc| library files (Doug Bissett);
    * Output setting of errors and warnings now determined earlier on to
    prevent unwanted messages in some cases (Lothar Soens);
    * |PSFonts| now go to the correct location based on
    * Some improvements to the comments in the code (Lothar Soens);
    * Cleanup of code whitespaces (Lothar Soens).

    Hayo Baan

    *Hayo Baan*
    mailto://hayo.baan@xs4all.nl hayo.baan(at)xs4all.nl> http://hrbaan.home.xs4all.nl http:hrbaan.home.xs4all.nl>

    *Hayo Baan ΓÇô Photography*
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    http://www.hayobaan.nl http:www.hayobaan.nl>

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