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    eCo Software goes reward the users, here is the offering:

    === Useful applications ===

    Read the list, do you need this applications?

    List of eCo Software apps -- http://ecomstation.ru/ecoshop2

    === Sum up ===

    (During november and december 2012) eCo Software

    offers (to every OS/2 user) summarize,

    how many eCoSoft programs did you purchased (and goes to buy) since 2001 .. till the end of 2012.

    For home user:

    * If you purchased (or going buy) N our apps (3 .. 5 different),

    then you get to your eCo Market account N*1 euro

    * If you purchased (going) (6.. 15), then N*1.5 USD

    * Example: You purchased 7 apps (disk utilities, multimedia, ..),

    then you get 10.5 USD to your virtual account.

    For companies:

    * if you purchased (going buy) N (1..5) licenses of application X, then you get
    N*1 USD

    * if you purchased (going) N (6.. 50), then you get N*1.5 USD

    * Example: you buy 15 licenses for PMMaps, then you get rebate and can buy PMDownloader.

    === Invest ===

    What to do with the money accumulated at eCo Market account?

    You can buy new program from eCo Software (http://ecomstation.ru/ecoshop2)

    or any other shareware

    product for eComStation, or prolong subscription to eComStation

    (standard european price; usually it's necessary pay the remainder)

    As result, you minimize your expenses, give impulse to the developer

    of native applications for eComStation.

    === Don't delay! ===

    Don't delay the calculation and ordering of new apps.

    Summarize during november (all people are busy during the december).

    We are not going repeat the action in the next year!

    === Obligations ===

    We remember that we should update our apps and serve the queue of the customers.

    We expect that the investments from users give us new impulse.

    === Contacts ===

    Send messages via web-form -- http://ecomstation.ru/support.php

    * if you have purchased many apps and summarizing the quantity

    * to order new apps

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