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    From: rwkleinDESPAM@DESPAMmensys.nl

    Mensys BV is pleased to announce the availability of the Flash Plugin
    Wrapper for eComStation version 0.4.1 GA

    This product is available for download to all registered users of
    Software Subscription Services for eComStation. For more information,
    please visit: http://www.ecomstation.com/subscription/

    With the new release of this Flash wrapper, up-to-date Flash support
    for eComStation is provided.

    This version of the Flash Plugin Wrapper for eComStation is considerd
    GA quality and will enable you to use websites implementing the latest
    Flash content.

    Compared to 0.4.0 GA:
    - Bump wrapper version to 0.4.1 GA.
    - Fix crashing when clearing up the browser history (due to lacking
    for ClearSiteData and GetSitesWithData callbacks).
    - Fix crashes on some sites with specific Flash content (the FPU
    control word
    was not set correctly when passing control to the plugin).
    - More Flash Plugin Warpper specific fixes are present in Odin 0.8.8,
    see the changelog file of Odin.

    This version is considered to be a GA release, please upgrade if

    - This code should not be used on production systems. See the
    readme.txt document for details.
    - This release requires eComStation 1.2, 1.2R, 2.0GA or eComStation
    - This release requires an installed version of Odin 0.8.8 or higher,
    which can be obtained from the same download location as the Flash
    Plugin Wrapper package.
    - Feedback can be provided via http://svn.ecomstation.nl/flash10 Please
    follow the guidelines in order to properly report a bug.

    After downloading please review the readme documentation for known
    issues and instructions on how to uninstall.

    Best regards, Mensys BV
    Links: * http://www.ecomstation.com/subscription/

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