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    From: lars.erdmannDESPAM@DESPAMarcor.de

    The fact that it has been quiet does not mean that nothing happened:
    in fact a lot of work has been done in particular on USBD.SYS and

    I am no longer on my own: Wim Brul (the famous author of usbecd, the generic USB control driver) has joined in and is working on getting
    isochronous transfers (webcams and other devices with a steady data stream)
    to work with EHCI (USBEHCD.SYS) and David Azarewicz (the developer of ACPI support for OS/2) has had a close look at the rest of USBEHCD.SYS.
    I have been working heavily on USBD.SYS in order to improve device attach behaviour on bootup and also to eliminate some Trap D's that popped up when
    I changed USBD.SYS to dynamically allocate memory for the USB device configuration data.

    We believe to have fixed the EHCI problem that has been haunting me since version 10.185. David will do some stress testing on USBEHCD.SYS (he needs a working and fast EHCI for his everyday backup use). I have fixed a couple
    of shortcomings in USBD.SYS. Now's the time to do some extended testing.
    We'll release new drivers when we will have gained enough confidence.


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