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    EDM/2 is the premier site to find OS/2 and eComStation software development information.

    Here are some news about the site.

    Non-EDM/2 Republished Articles

    There are several OS/2 and eComStation programming articles floating around. When the authors authorize to republish their articles under the Creative Commons license, it can be included on the wiki and the most important thing of
    all, there are clear rules to create derivative works.

    The re-published articles on the EDM/2 wiki are:

    - Multithreading Presentation Manager Applications by Monte Copeland (August 1993)

    - 32-Bit OS/2 Exception Management by Monte Copeland (November 1993)

    - The Shell Game -- Alternative Shells for OS/2 by Monte Copeland (March 1994)

    - The OS/2 Debug Kernel by Charlie Schmitt and Monte Copeland (June 1994)

    - Modifying Your PM Programs for Pen for OS/2 by Vera Dulaney and Kevin Lee (November 1993)

    - New and Improved:The GRE22 Printer Device Driver Model by Michael R. Cooper and Monte Copeland (September 1994)

    - Extend Your Programs with REXX by Monte Copeland (January 1995)

    - 32-Bit Memory Management in OS/2 by Monte Copeland (April 1996)

    - REXX Techniques and Practices by Nicholas McGuigan (September, 1995)

    - SOM & DSOM - An Introduction by Nicholas McGuigan (1995)

    - Interlanguage Object Sharing with SOM - Usenix (PDF),(PS) by Jennifer Hamilton (June 1996)

    - OS/2 Presentation Manager Game Development Guide by Antonino Iannella (February 25, 1996 - ver 2.0)

    - Information on how to create WPS objects using REXX (hobbes file) by Michael Lamb (1992)


    There is also some non-Creative Commons development related articles/publications that the EDM/2 wiki links to.

    This month it had been included the following links.

    - Unofficial Guide to the Workplace Shell by Jeff Cohen (April 5, 1992)

    I want to thank all the authors that allowed their articles and documentation to be published on the EDM/2 wiki.

    Please visit: http://www.edm2.com

    Help is always welcome, contact me if you want to help me with the wiki.


    * http://www.edm2.com/index.php/News:2013-June#Non-EDM.2F2_Republished_Articles --

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