• [VOICENWS] Drivers: USB driver for eComStation v.11.02 and 11.03

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    2 new USB driver releases have appeared on the eCS BetaZone file download page.

    Please READ the README.TXT fle. Available to those with access (via Software Subscription Services) to the eComStation BetaZone: ( via logging in at http://www.mensys.nl/indexuk.html )

    v.11.03 23-Jul-2013 - David Azarewicz
    Changes to device enumeration based on changes from Lars branch
    Fixed another trap during device de-enumeration.

    v.11.02 (10.193) 14-Jul-2013 - David Azarewicz
    Some code cleanup
    Merge in some changes from Lars.
    Fixed some traps when doing device enumeration.
    Fixed a device enumeration problem.
    Fixed setting interrupt handler.
    Fixed a problem that caused some quirky systems to not work.
    Improved tracing information.

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