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    Last week we released a new eCS 2.2 demo CD beta 5 (you can not access your hard disc partitions with this CD)..
    You can download via this URL: http://www.ecomstation.com/democd/index.php?file=9

    Primary reason to release this beta is to get the latest versions of the following drivers tested:
    USB stack

    I expect to have a new eCS 2.2 install beta DVD first week of January.

    We are still performing more testing on disc geometry bugs that where reported. Also more work is being done to fix the CUPS printer wizard. Importing PPD files does not always work with CUPS.
    USB stack has still one issue that needs to be resolved. Also in my tests the Samba client we ship with eCS 2.2 does not work correctly.
    The split window view is also being looked in how to resolve some of does defects. The new XWLAN widget has a WPA connection problem.
    Also the Airboot manager is receiving some final updates. The USB widget is receiving some more fixes. It has been greatly enhanced since eCS 2.1.
    Infact this new version of the USB widget should prevent some of the kernel TRAPS that where first rebooted.

    Also the complete bugtracker is being cleaned up.

    Roderick Klein
    Mensys B.V.


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