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    lSwitcher is a task switcher application for OS/2 and eCS, which

    includes an enhanced replacement for the standard Alt-Tab switcher and

    a feature-rich task bar. The program is implemented as both a standalone

    application and as a widget for XWorkplace WPS enhancer by Ulrich

    M├╢ller. Functionality of both incarnations of the program are very


    Version 2.80 can be found at:




    The Netlabs lSwitcher Team

    Changes in version 2.80

    - Placed in Netlabs SVN

    - Built with open watcom 2.0 beta

    - Fixed priority delta choices to match reality

    - Fixed a memory leak in the Xcenter widget

    - Added exceptq support for the stand alone version

    - lxlited the dlls and exes

    - Created an OS/2 style help file

    - Added help access from the xcenter widget

    - Added accelerator keys for DosKill and SigKill

    - Fixed some cosmetic issues with the dialogs

    - Fixed an issue where menus failed to work if the taskbar was set to auto hide

    - Implemented the reduce desktop option

    - Fixed an issue with the taskbar appearing when the mouse was over the border

    opposite from its position.

    - Fixed a trap that occurred on installing the widget to Xcenter

    - Created a warpin install package

    - Added buildlevel strings to the EXE and DLLs

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