• [VOICENWS] SW: File Manager/2 3.24.0 released

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    FM/2 3.24.0 has been released. The file name is fm2-3-24-0.zip

    It has been uploaded to Netlabs and to Hobbes.

    Initially uploaded to:
    Eventual location:

    Search for it at:
    Initially uploaded to:
    Eventual location:

    3.24.0 Changes:
    * Rework Flesh/Stubby logic to avoid doing work on thread 1 (Steven)
    * Add generic linked list support routines (Steven)
    * Get tree switch code to work with new Flesh/Stubby code (Steven, Gregg)
    * Move tree expand code off thread 1 (Gregg)
    * Get ExpandAll to work with new Flesh/Stubby code (Gregg)
    * Fix failure of CD/DVD icon and display name to revert on disk eject (Gregg)
    * Stop Stubby from adding a null string file name eliminating some random traps
    and occasional blank lines in the tree (Gregg)
    * Get notify on hard drive without subdirectories code working (Gregg)
    * Add missing MAKETOP code in directory containers works in tree view (Gregg)
    * Removed recurse drive scan code -- obsolete with Flesh/Stubby changes (Gregg)
    * Fixed occasional spurious A:\ drive not ready error on startup (Gregg)
    * Improved consistency of MAKETOP in tree container (Gregg)
    * Release tool improvements (John)
    * Created high-mem safe wrappers for all API functions that fail when loaded high (John)
    * Fixed trap in Stubby on startup (Gregg)
    * Fixed failure of rename dialog to update the tree container (Gregg)
    * Fixed trap on close while direct editing a file name (Gregg)
    * Fixed heap corruption trap on rescan while a scan was still running (Gregg)
    * Prevent a file name from being left blank during direct editing (Gregg)
    * Fixed direct edit code prevents double free attempts and misc traps (Gregg)
    * Made searchapath thread safe prevents potential traps (John)
    * Corrected failure to show error message on attempted delete of locked nonexecutable
    files (Gregg)
    * Fix directory container compare selection code (Gregg)
    * Fix real object creation when generating multiple objects (Gregg)

    FM/2 Development Team

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