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    Dear bootAble users,

    It has been a long time since I was able to really work on bootAble (the previous release was from March 2013…). I am therefore very pleased to
    be able to announce the a new release today!

    Version 6.10 contains quite a number of new features and improvements.
    Most notably it now has support for QSINIT, Air-Boot, and MiniLVM and
    Firefox and Seamonkey seem to work quite well using the latest available release for OS/2 (though some websites, most notably the google
    homepage, still crash the application when run from a bootAble environment).

    Thanks go especially to Doug Bissett. His perseverance and help to get
    eCS to run in a VirtualBox VM on my Mac have given me the ability to
    continue developing bootAble in a much more productive environment than

    The new version can be downloaded from the bootAble website http://hrbaan.home.xs4all.nl/bootAble/>.

    Bug reports and feedback are most welcome!

    Hayo Baan

    v6.10 (15/01/2016)

    * Added support for QSINIT (|QSINIT|);
    * Added support for QSINIT's ram disk (|HD4DISK|);
    * Added support for Air-Boot (|AIRBOOT|);
    Note: As a convenience, an |airboot2.cmd| command is created that
    will allow you to start the air-boot installer (|airboot2.exe|)
    without having to first go to the directory where the |airboot.bin|
    file is located.
    * Added support for the Maintenance & Installation Volume Manager
    * Added a setting for the Virtual Address Limit
    (|VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT|, default taken from the user's |config.sys|
    * Changed the default for |TCPIPLEAN| to |No| as the lean versions of
    the TCPIP code do not work with all software (most notably not with
    the mozilla software);
    * When unzipping archives any file matching is now done case insensitive;
    * Adding the |b2z.dll| that is part of the newer unzip versions. Note
    too that the newer zip and unzip require |GCCRT| which is NOT
    enabled by default;
    * Added config file for the INI file editor (|bootAble.initor|);
    Note: when started from the command-line Initor might give an
    ΓÇ£ErrorΓÇ¥ and refuse to close, killing the process still works though.
    When started from the Initor program object, this issue does not occur…
    * Updated |bootAble.firefox|, |bootAble.thunderbird|, and
    |bootAble.seamonkey| to support the latest & known to be working
    versions (31.8.0b5, 31.8.0, and 2.28b5r2 respectively).
    * Adapted |bootAble.dfsee| to the latest dfsee distribution (13.x) and
    change of the location of the os/2-only files to |bin| instead of
    |os2| (|APP_DFSEE_EXEDIR|);
    * Adapted |bootAble.pmview|, it now prefers version 3 over version 2.
    It will furthermore ask for the source directory if PMView isn't
    installed (or a version different from 2 or 3 is installed);
    * Adapted |bootAble.amouse| to include all found language versions and
    made sure that it doesn't override the system version of the USB
    Mouse driver with aMouse's version if this should not be done
    (controlled by |APP_AMOUSE_REPLACE_USBMOUSE|);
    * The XWorkplace settings are now taken over from the current
    installation instead of defaulted.
    * Improved support for VirtualBox additions;
    Files are now always placed on the ΓÇ£CDΓÇ¥ to maintain the long file
    names and into their own |\OS2Additions| directory (just as with the
    normal installation).
    Enabling the VirtualBox additions also enforces |GCCRT|.
    * Now including /all/ |gcc| and |libc| dlls when |GCCRT| is enabled
    (the source is set using |GCCRTSOURCE|);
    * You can now force asking a question using |defaultIfNotSet()| even
    if a default value is given (previously it would only ask if the
    variable was not previously set /and/ the provided default value was
    empty. To do this, use |'ASKIFNOTSET'| as the third parameter to
    * Major cleanup of html documentation.

    Hayo Baan
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