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    The Weasel mail server (freeware, open source) has now been updated to
    version 2.3. You can fetch a copy from
    or from Hobbes (currently in the incoming directory).

    LIST OF CHANGES since version 2.29

    Version 2.3 (14 Dec 2016)
    Skip SPF check for whitelisted host.
    Fixed "ptr" bug in SPF check.
    Extra "banned host" check in HELO and EHLO commands.
    Slight revision of how the MAIL FROM address is
    checked for acceptability.
    More generous rules about what parameters may be
    changed without restarting Weasel.
    Added option to suppress POP sessions in transaction log.
    Fixed: maximum message size was not being updated.
    Added option to disable the SPF check.
    Removed postmastercheck.cmd from distribution, put it
    on web site instead.
    Miscellaneous changes to the manual.
    Altered EHLO response for stricter compliance with standard.

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