• red herring alert, was possibly ignorant question

    From Richard Webb@1:116/901 to Daniel Torrey on Thursday, December 27, 2012 00:26:33
    Hello Daniel,

    following up a message from Richard Webb to Daniel Torrey:

    <hmmm> Wonder if the mac os might be translating things
    funny, lots of things strange there. I run same version,
    under dos itself. Others do under various win flavors as
    well, so that might have something to do with the problem of wrong character.

    IS no wrong char, Timed did that so that no message would,
    in case it was quoted, show two tear lines, etc. My bad.

    I recall having the opposite problem with another creates a
    msg from a text file thingy when used in echo areas. That
    ver of squish didn't place a tear and origin properly on
    messages to echo areas in the manner I tried to use it, so I went with something elseto post echomail.

    Sorry about sending you down the garden path re tear line
    character. When I look at your message without editing for
    a reply your tear line character is correct.

    Thanks ML for pointing that out to me btw.

    * Origin: (1:116/901)