• XP Has Frozen Clock

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105.1 to All on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 21:41:00

    Lately the XP computer's Clock Time display on the Taskbar stops updating.

    Usually it happens within 15 minutes after the Desktop appears and won't
    change the time.

    It may be that I choose to Hibernate instead of Shut Down when I turn the
    pc Off. ?

    I always use a Limited Users Account except for a few times a month when
    I Switch to a Administrator User Account to do something I can't do as
    a Limited User.

    I have Scanned the pc with Avast! and SuperAntiSpyware and they found a
    few things that I've Quarentined, but it still didn't correct the Clock
    not running.

    I read that it could be a Memory Chip that caused this to happen so I
    ran MEMTEST 86+ 4.20 for 4 Hours and 42 Minutes, in which time
    the test ran 3 times and didn't indicate any Errors.

    While MEMTEST was running I noticed the Chipset line said:

    "AMD K8 IMC (ECC : Disabled)" .

    I saw where I could change the Configuration while the program was running
    but let it Run with the Default Settings it uses.

    I have thought about changing the BIOS Battery.

    Iirc I did change it one time in the ten years I've owned the XP pc,
    but can't remember how long ago that was.

    Anyone have suggestions of other things I could try?
    (besides getting another computer)


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  • From Wilfred van Velzen@2:280/464 to Ed Vance on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 09:25:00
    Hi Ed,

    On 2016-11-22 21:41:00, you wrote to All:

    Anyone have suggestions of other things I could try?
    (besides getting another computer)

    Try linux! ;)

    Seriously, you could try a live boot cd and see if the same thing happens...

    Bye, Wilfred.

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