• XP - Care And Feeding

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105.1 to All on Thursday, January 05, 2017 07:34:00

    I still like putting the XP box in Hibernate when I'm through using it.

    When I start up the computer again it seems to me that I get to the
    screen where I can choose to use either the Administrator Account or
    the Limited Users Accout that I see that screen faster if I Hibernated
    the XP box when I am through using it than if/when I have selected the
    Shut Down Option and then have to watch the Cybourg like image sweeping
    from Left to Right taking a much longer time than recovering from

    Instead of Hibernating from the Limited Users Account I regularly use,
    now I select Log Off to let XP Save the Account Settings and when I
    see the Screen that asks me if I want to Log On to a Administrator
    Account or the Limited Users Account I now have started clicking the
    Button near the bottom of the screen for turning off the pc and then
    selecting the Hibernate Option.

    The computer shows me the Log On screen just as quick as it did before,
    even though when I open the Limited Account instead of me seeing the screen full of icons and the Taskbar ready to use, now I have to wait for the XP
    PC to get everything in order before I can start using it in that session.

    I've been doing this for a little over a week and I haven't had the Time
    on the Taskbar freeze as had been happening when I had chosen to use
    Hibernate from the Limited Users Account and saw it freeze the next time
    I turned the XP box On.

    I also have tried leaving the DSL Modem and Router On all the time so I
    don't have to wait several minutes for them to get their settings in order before I turn the XP box On.

    I hope my modified way of shutting down and starting up the computer has corrected the Clocks Time problem and the Time always will be correct when
    I look for it on the Taskbar.

    AH!, The Care And Feeding Of A Computer Running A Windows GUI............

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