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    09-01-17 14:07 Bj.rn Felten wrote to Ed Vance about Wikipedia and PDF-XChange Howdy! Bjorn,

    Hi guys,

    What Program do You use to read PDF's when You use Windows in a VM?

    I'm not Paul -- sorry to butt in uninvited -- but I've used Foxit Reader for many years now (presently on my virtual XP machines), and
    it has always worked very well for me.

    I used the Foxit Reader but started using PDF-XChange, but I can't
    remember why I switched PDF Programs, its been a couple of years
    since I've used Foxit.

    I'm not very much into this PDF 'business', but I wonder why you are
    using those PDF_Xchange and Foxit Reader's, instead of Acrobat that is
    also free AFAIK.

    There's also the Nitro reader that has also been mentioned in this

    I'm also aware of the many security problems that have hit Adobe Acrobat
    but there are also problems to be aware of when installing those other
    PDF programs.

    Also I do know that to lift out separate pictures from a series, I can
    use Star Office, and possibly some of its successors too, and maybe Foxit
    or Nitro.

    Have a nice day,


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