• showstopping bug in Mysti

    From PSI-JACK@46:1/142 to G00R00 on Thursday, January 31, 2019 19:20:17

    Getting a serious error in Mystic right now suddenly that dumps a runtime
    error and disconnects the user.

    When doing a newscan, I get this:

    Scanning General Discussion...
    Runtime error 216 at $080C8845

    When trying to use my mutil maintenance ini to pack messages, I get this:

    Purging Message Bases General Discussion

    Runtime error 216 at $08060AD5

    I was able to get to my messages by not using IAR, or the newscan, and I tried to isolate it down further to a specific message base, General Discussion from DOVE-net, but it's not that. When I'm in a different active group, I still see it.

    So, right now, I'm only able to read one message base at a time, manually. And cannot run maintenance to pack it.

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