• Windows XP or earlier era MAC address ha

    From Stan Hosdar@1:229/426 to All on Thursday, November 25, 2021 15:00:22


    I'm looking for tools to change mac address on a Windows XP era network card.

    THey can be DOS, or Windows based, intent is to use it on a PCI bus card if at all possible. Did such a thing ever exist? anyone know of cards that readily allowed it?

    I'm thinking one of two methods:

    a) a driver prperties sheet exposed the mac and allowed us to change it in a retro Windows OS

    b) or a tool to flash/change firmware that may have existed.

    I'm thinking possibly something along the lines of a NE2000, Dec 21041 or 3c905. SOMething WIndows XP would have built in support for.
    this will in fact be used in a real world aplication related to my employment. and it has to be real hardware not virtual.

    thank you for responses
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