• Backbone request

    From Roger Nelson@1:3828/7 to Z1b on Tuesday, January 02, 2007 09:55:00
    D'Bridge & BBS Utilities
    An echo for BBS, Utilities in used in conjunction with
    the mailer D'Bridge
    Status: Active
    Origin: 1:3828/7 Group: FIDO
    Distribution: Z-1 Backbone
    Language: English
    # Nodes: 500 Volume: 5/mo Rules:
    Flags: <Real Names Only>
    Notes: /REAl
    Moderators: Roger Nelson, 1:3828/7, rjnel@bellsouth.net
    Last changed: 1-Jan-2007 by Roger Nelson, 1:261/1500, "Roger Nelson" <rjnel@bellsouth.net>

    --- Echobase 3.48

    --- D'Bridge 2.63
    * Origin: NCS BBS (1:3828/7)