• Heads Up

    From Ross Cassell@1:123/456 to All on Thursday, July 10, 2008 20:27:28
    Hello All!

    I am auditting the BACKBONE files again...

    I have a ways to go, here is a synopsis of what I have found so far:

    As most of you know, We reinstated the BACKBONE.NO file, which was a tool we used a long time ago, any echo that found its way into the BACKBONE.NO file had
    no traffic for a considerable amount of time, but was still being made available. The last time an auditting took place, the BACKBONE.NO file contained more echoes than the BACKBONE.NA file and it does..

    Indeed, 270 Echoes are in the original BACKBONE.NO

    Compared to 215 Echoes in the current BACKBONE.NA

    So far out of the current roster of echoes in BACKBONE.NA

    46 of them will be moved into a new BACKBONE.NO

    The Good News is that out of the original BACKBONE.NO

    So far I have identified at least 19 echoes that will move back into the BACKBONE.NA, this number might go up as I am only half-way through it.

    The Majority of these 19 echoes appear to have been ressurections done by Allen
    Prunty, as they appear to have gated newsgroup content in them, personally I do
    not see that as a plus.

    More bad news is, echoes still dead that are in the current BACKBONE.NO are going to be destroyed, they will be removed from 1:123/500, there is no reason to carry echoes that are destined to remain big fat zeroes, forcing BBS sysops to setup message areas that their users can never benifit from.

    Furthermore, 1:123/500 will be phasing out the foreign language echoes, most of
    them are zeroes to begin with.

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