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    From TEKHAMMER@46:3/102 to ALL on Thursday, January 31, 2019 19:20:34
    Hi all, just wanted to pop a message in here quickly to say that I've been having some issues with my VDSL connection over the last week. Over the last year we've had a few power cuts in my area and sometimes that has resulted in my connection being offline for a few days at a time. This time there were no power cuts, so don't know what is going on. The line techs think nothing is wrong.

    I went offline on friday afternoon (NZ time), and it came back Sunday 5am.
    Then went offline again Monday morning, and just came back during the night last night (wednesday here now).

    Maybe this time it's better, or maybe I'll go offline again tomorrow.

    So apologies for any backed up messages and files Nick, but hopefully it'll
    get resolved soon, or at least stop being a pain. If that doesn't turn out, I'll either shift the BBS into the data centre at work, or I'll get myself an Amazon AWS account and chuck it on there.

    Plus I haven't been around much lately, but hope you're all well.

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