• Re: guide for mystic toss

    From SKUZ@46:1/102 to H7 on Thursday, January 31, 2019 19:20:29
    On 04/28/14, h7 said the following...

    i think i saw a guide on how to set up the mystic tosser & everything
    but i cant remember who posted it and when. i am running binkp &
    crashmail (with ftp-transfers for zer0net).

    I think you might be refering to the post i made subject: semi-how-to back on june,06 2013 or 2014 don't rememeber exactly..hehe I checked on you board and found it ecast with a text search (semi-how-to). also posted to pvt local
    email with some details about that message thread. also, refering the the zeronet only offers ftp is nolonger correct. He said that I could swich to binkp anytime i choose... xtcbox already switched, i think. Anyway stay frosty dude ... ttyl (:

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