• Echo Add Request

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Backbone Admin on Sunday, October 22, 2023 19:26:50

    Please add the following echo to the backbone:

    Echo successfully Added.

    TAGname: PROBOARD Group: FIDO

    TITLe: Official ProBoard BBS Support

    Language: ENGLISH

    PROBOARD is the official support echo for
    ProBoard BBS software in Fidonet.

    MODerator: Jason Bock, 1:1/101
    Email: jason@proboardbbs.com

    VOLume: 10/month [not verified]

    ORIGIN: 1:1/101

    RESTrictions: /REAL

    DISTribution: Worldwide

    GATEway: None allowed.

    From: Sean Dennis, 1:1/110
    Email: sysop@outpostbbs.net

    Updated on: 2023/10/21 and valid till 2024/08/31

    Produced by Elist v5.4.028

    -=:{ End of Report }:=-


    --- MultiMail/Win v0.52
    * Origin: Outpost BBS * Johnson City, TN (1:18/200)