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Arena of the Ancients is a role playing door game for Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). This game offers tons of options to the
users, as well as incorporating over a thousand weapons, armors, spells, monsters, and various items. Monsters and special
events await the characters in the dungeons. Or you can break into the castle, fight in the Arena, lounge in the Adventurer's
Guild, go to your occupation, visit the temple, and more. The unique thing about Arena of the Ancients is not the above. Most
RPG door games only have a role playing aspect to it. The above description is only HALF of what Arena has to offer. You
can win ARENA more than 1 way. The game incorporates another part to it: Dominion. The characters get to rule over a plot
of land, warring with each other, casting magic on each other's realms, invading the King's Castle, and hiring peasants to work
the land. Dominion is just as integral to the game as the RPG part is. But, because there is more than one way of winning, you
can play only the RPG portion, only the Dominion portion, or both, depending upon what you like. And, a lot of the game is
included in the unregistered version. Not only do you get the entire Role Playing portion of the game, but you get a glimpse at
the Dominion portion as well. It's like getting a game for free. But with dominion, that game becomes SO much more. And
registration is only $15.00.

ARENA OF THE ANCIENTS is compatible with these drop files:

Compatible with drop files:

DOORSYS - The DOOR.SYS format (Wildcat!,GAP,TAG, etc)

*DORINFO1 - Remote Access,others(uses DORINFO1.DEF**)

RBBS - Rbbs version 16.1+ (uses DORINFOx.DEF*)

QUICK - Quickbbs,Force,R.A. (uses DORINFOx.DEF**)

PCB14 - Pcboard version 14 PCB15 - Pcboard version 15

PHOENIX - Phoenix bbs (uses INFO.BBS)

SPITFIRE - Spitfires bbs (uses SFDOORS.DAT)

WWIV - WWIV bbs (uses CHAIN.TXT)

TRIBBS - TriBBS software (uses TRIBBS.SYS)


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"Assassin v1.10"
Medieval Adventure, where you must persue
and assassinate victims. Multi-Node Aware,
MultiTasker Aware. Full support for Fossil
DigiBoard and Serial Port communications.
Original Programming: Kevin McFarland (207K)

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DEATH MASTERS v1.50  [ BBS-DOOR 2-21-96 ]
Two levels added, New spell (BLINDNESS),and
ALL KNOWN BUGS KILLED (including 1 serious)
A door game with intense gruesome action!!
Fully MULTINODE aware! 50-Node public chat,
telegrams, live battles, etc. Popup boxes
and scrollable menus provide an easy to use
interface: players concentrate on escaping
hell, not on learning the game. Supports
non-standard settings, FOSSIL, and more!
disclaim.html (3K)

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The Dragon's Claw v.3.0 - In your quest to
slay the evil Baldor you will explore the
richly illustrated ANSI terrain, delve into
the depths of multi-level dugeons, fight
other players and over 200 monsters, and
collect fabulous weapons and magical
relics.   Uses fossil, or interrupt driven
COM routines for best compatability. (206K)

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Drakeville v3.
┌───────* Drakeville v3.0 *────────┐
│ The exciting 4 player engine RPG │
│gets even better. You can now play│
│evil parties.  Superb combat! IGM │
│support ,ansi bulletins and much  │
│more. Who will be the first to    │
│kill MALAKY or the COUNCIL!       │
└───────* Drakeville v3.0 *────────┘ (628K)

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Exitilus v3.20
[    __                    v3.20]
[  /        . -l-  . l       _  ]
[ |---  \ / l  l   l l |  | [_  ]
[  \ __ / \ l  l_| l l |__| ._] ]
[Exitilus is a fantasy door game]
[involving tremendus monster    ]
[battles, bloody player fights, ]
[highly intelligent magic, many ]
[weird creatures, wheeling and  ]
[dealing as a merchant, thrones ]
[to overthrow, kingdoms to      ]
[conquer, and fun to have. Come ]
[check out the new version from ]
[new owners! You won't be       ]
[dissappointed! Check out our   ]
[website at!]
[-------------------------------] (162K)

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Freshwater Fishing Simulator v 2.7.001
        Door by Eric Hamilton
Fishing door. 28 different types of
fish. Up to 4, sysop configurable,
tournaments running at a time. 5 lakes
to choose from, 20 when registered.
DV, WIN, OS/2 aware. Handles up to 20
nodes when registered.
compiled 5/18/95. (52K)

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"Gopher Hunt v1.1b"
An easy to setup door game for WildCat!,
PCBoard, Spitfire, and many others.
Directly supports DOOR.SYS, PCBOARD.SYS,
DOORINFx.DEF plus it supports ALL bbss' by
the use of a GENERIC.SYS file. GOPHER HUNT
is not complicated to play and is proven
to be loads of fun.

Original Programming: Rick Damiani (207K)

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license.html (5K)

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             -=Lord Life V1.18 and up=-     
        A LORD IGM. Adds a whole new dimension 
to your game.  You can chat at Trisnics 
tavern, joust with your horse, kill a lord 
enemy for good, gamble your money, more! (683K)

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─────────╢ LORE  Version 2.50 ╟─────────
An on-line game of fantasy role-playing!
Features  a  full-screen  ANSI  graphics
interface, with a detailed and colourful
moving  map  system.    Over  1  million
locations to move to! Visit 50+ cities &
talk with the inhabitants interactively,
or go underground in search of treasure!
Hundreds  of  monsters  to  fight!  Full
Inter-BBS support,  real-time  multinode
interaction,  build and defend your  own
fully-featured  bases,   hire  computer-
controlled allies,  and much more.  Very
easy  to  install  and configure,even if
you've never installed a door before!
──────╢ Released April 25, 1998 ╟───────

matrixrunner.htm (8K)

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"Net Runner v1.02"
The first true 'Cyber Punk' online game.
You're a NetRunner, bold and arrogant!
Use your cyberdeck and an assortment of
hacking 'wares to invade the corporate
systems and raid their credits. NetRunner
uses ANSI graphics and keypad for movement
in the grid and systems.
By Rob Jacob
to see the new web version (419K)

Uploaded Sat Jan 01 2022 05:08 pm (533K)

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   ROK Version 2.52 - By Devon Brooks

The #1 RPG door on hundreds of BBS's all
around the world gets better.  A few bug
fixes - ROK is now ready to undergo some
changes: major options are being planned
for the next release!  ROK is a kick-ass
  doorgame that your users will LOVE!

( Order online at! )

Devon Brooks - of BFS, Inc.
[WWW] : (119K)

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         SAGE 1.00  (now out of Beta!)
 SAGE, probably the largest and most powerful
 BBS door ever. Real-time interaction,  in an
 ANSI graphical environment.  Plug-in as many
 worlds as you like to one copy of the engine,
 Enormous worlds with up to 18 mil. locations,
 making Sage NINE TIMES larger than Lord 2.
 Flax Soft.

 █ ███▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄██▄▄  ▄▄▄▄▄███▄▄▄
          █████▓░   ▓█████  ▄ ██████     ███►
▄ ▄██▀    ██████    █████▓░   ███▓██  ░▒▓██
   ███  ▄ ▀█████▄ ▄ ██████  ▄ ███▓██  ░▒▓██
 ░░▒▓█    ██████    ▓█████    ██████ rp ███
    ░  ▄    ░░                          ▄▄▄ (186K)

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"Sinbaud v3.6"
You must save the STAFF OF GOODNESS from
the evil monsters of CHARON. These
monsters appear in random numbers but more
experienced users shall truly be dealt
thier share. So let it be written! So let
it be done! Do you ever get the feeling
once you thought you paid all your bills
and there is always one left over???  Well
life has not changed that much in the land
of CHARON. You will find no sooner than
you save the Staff it may slip from your

Original Programming: Rick Salinas
sq2112.htm (3K)

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  Game Server v1.31 -=- SQ 2112 Door v4.10
  - Space Quest 2112 32bit Game Server -
A Great SPACE ADVENTURE Simulation to play
via Telnet connection or BBS. Command your 
Galaxy Class Star Cruiser from the Virtual 
Reality type ANSI Bridge.  You can Actually 
see the planets and ships as you blow them 
up. Form alliances, construct Space cities.
Over 250,000 unique space locations.
-[ welcome to Space Quest 2112 Game Server ]-
          ▒                     ▒
       ▒ ▒   .     ▄▄▄▄▄         ▒ ▒
 ▒    ▒ ▒       ▄▓█░██░███▄   .   ▒ ▒   ▒
  ▀▒ ▒ ▒      ▄▓▓█│▓█.█░███░▄      ▒ ▒ ▒▀
   ▀▒ ▒     ▄█▓█─ ♦ ─▓█░░░█°█░▄     ▒ ▒▀
▀▒   ▒ ▒   ▓▓█.▓▓█│▓.█▓█│█  ░.░█   ▒ ▒   ▒
  ▒   ▒    ▓█░█▓▓▓▓▓▓█─ ♦ ─   █░    ▒   ▒▀
▄  ▒▄▒ ▒    ▀▓▓█·█▓█▓.█░│█░░.░▀    ▒ ▒▄▒
 ▒▄   ▒ ▒     ▀█▓░▓▓▓██░░░██▀     ▒ ▒   ▄▀
   ▒▄  ▒ ▒ .    ▀██▓█▓.██▓▀  .   ▒ ▒  ▒▀
     ▀▒▄▒ ▒   .    ▀▀▀▀▀        ▒ ▒▄▒▀
           ▒▄▄           .   ▄▄▒
-[        ]- (177K)

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"Sub Attack v2.3"
This game will attempt to simulate the
complex world of submarine warfare in a
fun and entertaining door game for your
BBS or as a personal arcade game for your
IBM/clone computer. You will be in command
of an American Los Angeles class
submarine. You will navigate your ship
across the globe in search of your
targets. As your experience grows so will
your ships lethal capacity and range. You
can play against other players and several
different missions.

Original Programming: Rick Salinas (311K)

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Top Cop! v2.57 - New EASY Sysop setup!
Arrest the  10 Most Wanted.  Select  a
partner. Many hidden features! Make it
to Chief, and you become the  Top Cop!
Featuring  AOMs  as Sysop configurable
hidden features! Lots to do. Will keep
users calling back for more!
              Web Site (252K)

Uploaded Sat Jan 01 2022 05:08 pm (1K)

Uploaded Sat Jan 01 2022 05:08 pm (709K)

Uploaded Sat Jan 01 2022 05:08 pm

"The X-Engine Door System v1.32"
TXDS is a system which will allow just
about anyone to create his/her own door
utility or door game.  With TXDS, you can
create that door you've always wanted but
couldn't make due to lack of programming
skills or another reason. There are
complete documents and an easy to use
editor as well.

Original Programming: Allen Usher
See open source project: (347K)

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-=-Yankees & Red Necks version 1.08-=-
More  New  options! HOT  new  action!  
"Bad  to  the Bone"  D&D  style  HACK  
& SLASH RPG.  More New features added
at  YOUR  request and  all known bugs
have  been  "squashed."  EASY  setup! 
Read the  docs  before  attempting to
install.  Sysops,  YOU NEED THIS ONE!
-=-=-=-=-  COMPILED 5-9-96  -=-=-=-=-
-=-Another L&K Software Production-=-
-=-=-=-= FIDO Net: 1:387/341 =-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=-=-= Inter-Net =-=-=-=-=-=-=-