Download Land Of Devastation

The Current Version is 5.11, released on 01/06/96

Land of Devastation is a big program. The distribution is really large. The documentation is all included in the "A" archive, so you should download it first and then learn what others files you might want.

200MHZ and above machines required patched executables: the patch after you install the original LOD files.

Files Available at my site on Simplenet
Letter Filename (click to D/L) Description Required ?
A LOD511A.ZIP Documentation and misc text files all installations
B LOD511B.ZIP Executables all installations
C LOD511C.ZIP SVGA Support Part 1 of 4 SVGA only
D1 LOD511D1.ZIP SVGA Support Part 2 of 4 SVGA only
D2 LOD511D2.ZIP SVGA Support Part 3 of 4 SVGA only
D3 LOD511D3.ZIP SVGA Support Part 4 of 4 SVGA only
E LOD511E.ZIP Dataset creation editors no
F LOD511F.ZIP MOD Music files AUDIO only
G LOD511G.ZIP SVGA graphics kit no
L LOD511L.ZIP Lite executables no
O LOD511O.ZIP OS/2 executables no
P LOD511P.ZIP DPMI executables no
GTERM GTERM511.ZIP Remote graphical terminal (dos) no
GTWIN GTWIN511.ZIP Remote graphical terminal (windows) no

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